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Types of Aluminum Used in Investment Casting
5 14 CST16,2021
One of the most common metals used in investment casting processes is aluminum. Aluminum’s high strength to low weight ratio makes it ideal for industries requiring durable parts that are also lightweight, such as aerospace, medical, and electronics. This metal
Investment Casting Waxes: Different Wax Types
11 6 CST04,2020
Manufacturers use a range of techniques to create complex parts and components. One of the oldest methods that is still used today is investment casting. This process involves creating the item out of wax and then building a ceramic shell
Aerospace Casting and Surface Treatment Capabilities
9 1 CST07,2020
Aerospace and aviation companies face unique challenges for their equipment and components. First, they require highly complex and precise parts that perform their functions reliably and efficiently. In addition, these components may experience extreme environmental stresses that can impact their
Common Misconceptions About Investment Casting
3 17 CST12,2020
At Impro, we are a premier manufacturer of high-quality engineered metal parts and components suitable for use in critical and demanding applications, such as those found in the aerospace, automotive, and construction industries. One of our core services offered is
Titanium Investment Casting: What You Need to Know
3 5 CST14,2020
Titanium is a metal valued for its high strength-to-density ratio, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance. Despite the fact that titanium is one of the most common naturally occurring elements on the planet, it’s expensive to separate from other elements into its
Different Types of Investment Casting Materials
3 28 CST15,2019
Investment casting can produce  a wide variety of products and prototypes, but it is important to choose the correct investment casting material for your application. The right material helps you get the desired functionality, save on the cost of materials,
The Value of Investment Casting (Part 2)
10 10 CST17,2018
Save Money with Investment Casting Investment Casting is a superior process that offers substantial cost reduction in supply chain management, such as sourcing management, transportation, logistics, welding/assembly process cost, match/fitup issues, scraps and more. It can also reduce labor time,
The Value of Investment Casting (Part 1)
10 5 CST15,2018
Freedom with Designs Investment Casting can yield any required shape using almost any metal alloy; design functionality can be maximized due to the amount of materials to choose from. Various features can also be incorporated with the right mold. The
Inside Casting & Machining Products (Part 1)
8 7 CST09,2018
Part One: Investment Casting Investment casting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes that is still in use today––in fact, investment casting has been widely used to form metal parts for thousands of years. This versatile metalworking method allows manufacturers


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