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All About Investment Casting for Aerospace Applications
9 12 CST09,2019
Investment casting enables manufacturers to produce precision-engineered parts while minimizing material and energy waste. The word “investment” refers to the way that wax patterns are invested by a shell to create a vessel, which is then filled with molten metal.
Inspection Method for 3D Printed Parts (Part 3)
5 30 CST16,2019
According to avionics expert Greg Morris from GE Aviation, post-build procedures for 3D printed engine parts take up to 25% of the total production time. Complex inspection processes make it difficult to deliver products quickly and efficiently. Quality and inspection
3D Printing Technologies (Part 2)
4 24 CST16,2019
Part Two: 3D Printing Technologies 3D printing—also known as additive manufacturing (AM)—offers a wide range of different printing technologies to choose from. While significant differences may exist between each method, all 3D printing techniques operate on the same basic principle:
Green Sand vs. Resin Sand Casting
2 28 CST00,2019
The term casting refers to a manufacturing process whereby molten metal is poured into 3D molds. Due to the infinite variety of mold shapes, sizes, and configurations that are available, casting allows manufacturers to create nearly anything they want out of metal. Sand casting is
3D Printing (Part 1)
11 16 CST10,2018
Part One: Raw Materials While additive manufacturing—more commonly known as 3D printing—has been around for nearly 40 years, it still feels to many as if the technology is in its infancy. 3D printing technology has evolved more in the past
The Value of Investment Casting (Part 2)
10 10 CST17,2018
Save Money with Investment Casting Investment Casting is a superior process that offers substantial cost reduction in supply chain management, such as sourcing management, transportation, logistics, welding/assembly process cost, match/fitup issues, scraps and more. It can also reduce labor time,
The Value of Investment Casting (Part 1)
10 5 CST15,2018
Freedom with Designs Investment Casting can yield any required shape using almost any metal alloy; design functionality can be maximized due to the amount of materials to choose from. Various features can also be incorporated with the right mold. The
Inside Casting & Machining Products (Part 3)
9 27 CST10,2018
Part 3: Precision Machining Precision machining entails the transformation of metal sheets, bar stocks, and other formed materials into specially designed parts and shapes with machinery. Because it’s compatible with a wide range of processes and materials, precision machining can
Inside Casting & Machining Products (Part 1)
8 7 CST09,2018
Part One: Investment Casting Investment casting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes that is still in use today––in fact, investment casting has been widely used to form metal parts for thousands of years. This versatile metalworking method allows manufacturers


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